Christy Cain

Alabama Children First

Alabama Children First is a combination of the Children First Alliance of Alabama and Children First Foundation— non-profit organizations that work to improve the well-being of Alabama’s children through advocacy, awareness and accountability. The Foundation primarily lobbies for children and the Alliance performs non-lobbying duties. The goal is to provide at the statehouse a lobbyist for children, educating and reminding lawmakers that their decisions have a direct impact on kids and families.

“If we had not had help from the Tribe about four or five years ago, Alabama Children First would not have been able to advocate for children at the State House. If we were not there to stand in the gap for children at the State House, they would have been forgotten many times. Literally because of Poarch’s donations, hundreds of thousands of children in this state have been helped.”
— Christy Cain, Executive Director, Alabama Children First