Pastor Thomas “Bo” Bell

New Beginnings Ministry

After graduating from high school, Bo Bell struggled with drug addiction. It was only after his second rehab that he realized his desire to help other people. At that moment, however, he couldn't help himself. So his journey began toward recovery. After finally getting sober, he founded the ministry called New Beginnings to help other people in the community cope with the very issues he faced as an addict.

“Poarch has allowed us to help people that didn’t have money, that didn’t have anywhere to go, that didn’t have a GED, and they’ve made a way for us to take in more people. We were able to get a mental health and substance abuse-certified counselor through that funding. Many lives have been changed. And if you can change a mother’s life or a dad’s life, you can change a whole family.”
— Pastor Bo Bell, New Beginnings Ministry